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We are launching Friday Only Club!

Oscar de la Renta chose not to show at New York Fashion Week and instead streamed on Amazon. Is Amazon a suitable forum for a luxury brand? CEO Alex Bolen said, "I'm not sure. But we have to experiment with new ways to get our story out." We launched our funds when Covid started and with the halt in travel and tough fund raising environment for emerging managers, we focused on performance and experimented with new ways to reach out to allocators, namely Linkedin posts and YouTube videos which can now be binge-watched on . True, some people say that with the positive fund returns last year for both our long-only equity and multi-strategy funds, and the China fund outperforming its benchmark by its annualized double-digit aim, it was expected that we would pass the $100m mark. But when times are bad, most new investment monies went to well-known funds that are much bigger with a marketing budget that we cannot afford. So every lit
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The First Edition of Friday Only Club!

  I got a latte art portrait of me today. It's not a "big deal" but shows the barista cares (at 9am in the morning). (No comments on how I look, especially my Bombastic Hair*, unless you look better with no Photoshop in your mid-40s with no makeup). Maybe some would say this is just business, the cafe is trying to get you to buy more coffee. But this is what differentiates a human barista from the Nespresso machine. Recently with year-end celebrations, New Year and Chinese New Year parties, I have been going to fancy wine dinners. I do appreciate the effort, and savings, but after talking to fellow investor friends I realized that sometimes we just need a cool place to chillax and share ideas (aka complain about investments that didn't work out). We can even bring our own wine. This coming Friday Only Club at Gao Cap Bar we'll have an expert talk (while drinking) about how to start an art collection, because a client asked me about displaying art in humid Singapor

Nothing lasts forever, even if it's expensive.

I received a jar of La Prairie face cream as a gift about three years ago. With a sample size of one, I found the cream to be surprisingly effective. My own experience has been that there is only a very weak correlation between price and quality for anything age defying. But because La Prairie is so expensive - it has caviar extract! - I only used a very small amount each time such that I still had some cream left in the jar after 3 years. The instructions say that the cream can be used up to 3 years from date of manufacture if not opened, and 1 year after it is opened. But I thought since I'm still alive after eating expired instant noodles I should be ok with some time extension for my precious cream. Like how I used to tell my boss deadlines are not really dead. Fast forward to this week. I received another jar of face cream from the same brand but this time with golden caviar extracts! Clearly the person who gave me thought I needed more help. So finally I could finish up the &

Song about GAO Capital?!

Thanks to ChatGPT, we now have a song about GAO Capital. Use of new technology has to start from the top, as demonstrated by our portfolio manager  Kenneth Yap  who contributed this video. Management might say, I'm too busy, or this is for students to write essays, or this is something for the tech team to figure out. But if you don't try it out and become convinced yourself, new ideas or techniques will not be implemented successfully throughout the firm. Try ChatGPT for free before they implement the $20 premium program outside the US: Now if only it can write the melody too. How about choreographing the dance moves to go with the song? I'm in danger of losing my job as Chief Everything-else Officer. Luckily it can't throw out the trash on Friday (yet). #hedgefund   #chatgpt   #machinelearning   #bigdata

Influx of family offices from China

I was talking with friends about the extremely impressive resumes - did these kids start as child-labor when they were 12?! - I get from students these days and remarked, "I'm glad I was First Gen". Many US colleges have priority admissions set aside for those whose parents did not have a college education. One friend who also went to an Ivy-League said, "I'm sure you were just good, because many applicants from Singapore were also First Gen twenty, thirty years ago." Even if I was in fact admitted because I was a First Gen, should I feel that I might not have been as good as my peers? Should any advantage in the system make achievements less worthy? I'd say to take every advantage there is as long as it has not been obtained unfairly (or illegally - like photoshopping your face on a crew athlete). After getting in the school, you still have to study hard to get that summa cum laude. Feeling bad about getting that promotion because you think the firm nee